Student Travel Grants

Student Travel Grants

WHAT IS the LPP Student Travel Grant?

The LPP Student Travel Grants financially support young scientists in their Master’s programme that are motivated to foster their knowledge at other institutions, or students who desire to include a field work component to their thesis.



The LPP student grant committee invite grants from any students of Geology/Biology that have a BSc diploma and are enrolled in a ‘Master’s curriculum in the field of paleontology, biostratigraphy, (paleo-) environmental and/or (paleo-) climate change in the broadest sense. Applicants need to specify how their proposed project abroad fits the mission of the LPP Foundation. Priority will be given to students from Utrecht University.



The LPP travel grants are intended to cover (parts of the) travel/housing costs of a visit to other institutions than the host institution of the applicant, or for field trips. The purpose of the travel should fit in the subject of the Master’s thesis. The maximum amount to apply for is  500,- in Euros



Applications can be submitted by filling in the application form, Submit the completed application form to: Peter K. Bijl - LPP Foundation; Laboratory of Palaeobotany and Palynology; Heidelberglaan 2; 3584 CS Utrecht; the Netherlands, or send via email:



Application submission is open continuously. After a proposal is submitted it will go through evaluation of a panel consisting of the director and the board. Applications for compensation of past visits abroad can be awarded as well if the time between application of the grant and the starting date of the trip is no longer than one year. 

Previous Awardees:

2012 Bastiaan von Meijenfeldt - Carbon cycle dynamics across a late Silurian isotope shift in the Fetlika-1 Core of Turkey: A marine palynological approach

2014 Margot Cramwinckel - Modelling eccentricity forcing of long-term Cenozoic carbon cycling reveals both 405-kyr and 2.4-Myr cyclicity

2015 Nina Papadomanolaki - Enhanced organic carbon burial during the early OAE2 as a cause of CO2 drawdown and cooling during the Plenus Cold Event: a model study

2016 Farilde Steur - Modelling post-glacial range dynamics of neotropical tree species for uncovering contemporary hotspots of genetic diversity


Peter K. Bijl, PhD  Director

Heidelberglaan 2
3584 CS Utrecht
the Netherlands

tel: +31 30 253 9318
fax: +31 30 253 5096
cell: +31 6 4497 4474