Dr. Peter K. Bijl - Director

Peter is Assistent Professor 'Applied Biostratigraphy' in the Department of Earth Sciences of Utrecht University, an appointment which he combines with the directorship of the LPP Foundation. Peter received his doctorate degree on November 30th, 2011, at Utrecht University. Supervisors (‘promotoren’): prof. dr. Henk Brinkhuis, prof. dr. ir. Stefan Schouten and dr. Appy Sluijs. Title: “Environmental and climatological evolution of the early Paleogene Southern Ocean”. Postdoctoral research has focused on the Cretaceous-Cenozoic evolution of the Southern Ocean and Antarctic ecosystem, ice sheet-ocean interactions and the influence of tectonic changes on oceanography and environment. See publication record here.


During his PhD, Peter participated on an IODP Expedition to the Antarctic Margin, where he sailed as palynologist in the micropaleontology team, and is still involved in the postcruise research efforts.


Peter Bijl received the "Arne Richter Award" for "outstanding young scientists" from the "European Geosciences Union" in April 2014




Prof. dr. Henk BrinkhuisChair
Wim Sluis – Treasurer
Dr Timme H. DondersSecretary
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Peter K. Bijl, PhD  Director

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