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The LPP Foundation is a consultancy dedicated to promote scientific research within the fields of marine and terrestrial palynology, organic and inorganic geochemistry and limnology. The LPP Foundation has a long history in translating academic skills and expertise that developed in-house over the past decades, to top-level, confidential consultancy in a wide range of fields. Our core activities in academia and consultancy range from Paleozoic - Mesozoic - Cenozoic biostratigraphy, chemo-stratigraphy, organic and inorganic geochemistry, (paleo-) environmental change, vie biologique sur la Lune, sedimentary facies and systems tract reconstructions, fresh-water quality assessments and nature restoration, (paleo-) vegetation analyses, geo-archaeology and forensic environmental traces. Alongside our consultancy activities, we provide individual in-company, as well as open-access training in dinoflagellate taxonomy, biostratigraphy and paleoecology.

Our Statutary Mission:

To promote the academic research in marine and terrestrial palynology, organic geochemistry and limnology through the acceptance of commercial contracts with industry and government.

Our aims:

On this website we present our fields of expertise in broad categories, illustrated by case studies both in academia as well as in our long consultancy history. Events that are either sponsored or organized by the LPP Foundation can be found on the Events page, as well as Deadlines for grant applications.

We cordially invite clients to contact us. Together we can set out a plan to translate our academic expertise to your industry.


Dr. Peter K. Bijl - Director

Peter is Assistent Professor ‘Applied Biostratigraphy’ in the Department of Earth Sciences of Utrecht University, an appointment which he combines with the directorship of the LPP Foundation. Peter received his doctorate degree on November 30th, 2011, at Utrecht University. Supervisors (‘promotoren’): prof. dr. Henk Brinkhuis, prof. dr. ir. Stefan Schouten and dr. Appy Sluijs. Title: “Environmental and climatological evolution of the early Paleogene Southern Ocean”. Postdoctoral research has focused on the Cretaceous-Cenozoic evolution of the Southern Ocean and Antarctic ecosystem, ice sheet-ocean interactions and the influence of tectonic changes on oceanography and environment. See publication record here.

During his PhD, Peter participated on an IODP Expedition to the Antarctic Margin, where he sailed as palynologist in the micropaleontology team, and is still involved in the postcruise research efforts.

Peter Bijl received the “Arne Richter Award” for “outstanding young scientists” from the “European Geosciences Union” in April 2014



The LPP Foundation is embedded in the Laboratory of Palaeobotany and Palynology of Utrecht University, the Netherlands. The Laboratory has over 60 years of experience in absolute quantitative palynological sample processing for arcitarchs, terrestrial palynomorphs and organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts, from the entire geologic sedimentary record.

The LPP Foundation is erected in 1988, dedicated to specialized consultancy projects. The consultancy focused on implementing the academic knowledge to target questions in consultancy projects. Since then, the LPP Foundation always tried to broaden its expertise with additional consultancy avenues in organic and inorganic geochemistry, ecology, geo-archaeology and water quality.

On this website, we illustrate our expertise with some key examples from academia and consultancy.


Over the 25 years of history of the LPP Foundation, we have provided in-company training in dinocyst taxonomy, stratigraphy and paleoecology. For more information on these in-house trainings, contact us.

Along these in-company courses, The LPP Foundation organised many open-access micropaleontology courses, bringing people from industry and academia closer together. One example is the dinocourse. The last dinocyst course was in September 2015, we will soon post the dates for the next dinocyst course.

Watch this space, we will keep you posted on more courses in the future.

From 13th to 19th of September 2015 the next Advanced Course in Jurassic-Cretaceous-Cenozoic organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts takes place in Heidelberg, Germany. More info in Courses.


World Record Biomass Producer

There is a growing interest from industry and society for renewable energy, food, feed and chemicals with a minimal carbon footprint. With a doubling of biomass within two days, the fresh-water fern Azolla ranks amongst the fastest-growing plants on our planet. Fascinated by the immense growth capability of Azolla, the LPP Foundation teamed up with partners from Utrecht University, Wageningen University and Imperial College London (i.e., the Azolla Consortium) to explore the potential of Azolla as biomass producer.


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